Last updated September 27, 2022

Who is eligible to borrow books?

You are eligible to borrow books, if you have a LibraryCard membership, subject to these terms and conditions below.

How many books can I borrow?

You can borrow up to 3 books at any time. If you wish to borrow a fourth book, at least one must first be returned.

When will I receive my books?

Books must be requested by:

  • Tuesday 3pm for delivery on Wednesday (suburbs north of Auburn), or
  • Thursday 3pm for delivery on Friday (suburbs south of Auburn).

What if the book I requested is already on loan?

If all copies of your requested book is currently on loan, you will receive it after it has been returned (it’s possible that your request will be queued if the particular title in question is in high demand).

What is the loan period?

You can borrow a book for up to 3 weeks at a time. The due date will be automatically extended for a further 3 weeks unless the book has been requested by another member. Automatic extension will apply up to two times. This means, unless the book is requested by someone else, you can retain the book for up to 9 weeks, after which, you must return it before borrowing again.

How will books be dropped-off and collected?

Books will be dropped off and collected from your property any time during Wednesday (suburbs north of Auburn) or Friday (suburbs south of Auburn). Please make sure books are prepared by Saturday evening for collection. In the rare event your books are not dropped off or collected by the end of Sunday, you can expect this to happen within the next two days. Please ensure we can safely access your property.

Drop-off – The book bag will be hung on your door handle.

Return – You must also hang the book bag on your door handle for pick up.

Apartment blocks – If you live in an apartment block, you must let us know a time range when you will be home to receive/return books in person. This time will be arranged via SMS or email. Please note, books will not be dropped off until a time has been arranged.

Houses/town houses/villas with security gates – For houses with a security gate, you can either provide us access instructions to leave the books. Alternatively, you can let us know a time range when you are home to receive/return books in person. Please note, books will not be dropped off until either access instructions have been provided or time has been arranged.

What happens if a book is lost or damaged?

You will be liable to pay for lost or damaged books:

Lost – full price of the book*

Damaged – up to full price of the book* depending on the level of damage

Lost books include overdue books that have not been returned within 3 months after the due date.

The charges will be deducted from your card.

* Prices are the retail price of the book shown on the app before any sales or discounts are applied.

Can I borrow books on behalf of someone else?

You can only borrow books on behalf of a child under the age of 16 and they are your legal dependent.

You must not borrow books on behalf of another adult.

Please keep in mind that you will be responsible for any damage or loss of books borrowed under your membership.

Updating personal details

You must keep your personal details up to date as they are crucial to using the library service. These include mobile number, home address, email address and payment details. You can update these details on the app.

Feedback and complaints

If you believe any information on the app is incorrect, please let us know by email at contact@haqq.co.

We will attempt to rectify any error made on our part and resolve any issues. We welcome your feedback and support in order to improve our service to you.